Five Essential Things To Consider When Getting Electrical Service Upgrades

Whether you’re buying a house with dated wiring or looking to expand your existing home, assessing and upgrading the electrical system is an essential step. Electrical systems are an integral part of your home as they power several essential appliances that improve your life and add to your happiness. If you plan to increase their load, you must upgrade or replace them to avoid malfunctions, short circuits, fires, and other problems.

However, to ensure you get the most out of your electrical service upgrades and ensure that they are done safely, it’s vital to understand a few concepts about electrical panels, systems, and wiring. To give you a brief idea of what they are, Trigon Electrical has listed five essential things to consider when getting electrical service upgrades.

1. Older panels need to be replaced
Many older residential homes have electrical service panels that are not sufficient for your electrical needs today. As a result, they need to be replaced with new panels that can withstand the load of electricity consumed by you and your family.

2. Make provisions for future requirements
If you are renovating the house that you just moved into, are building a new one, or expanding a part of it, consider your future as well and plan your upgrade accordingly. That way, you can accommodate elements like smart devices, multiple appliances, electric heating and A/C, electric water heaters, vehicle chargers, and any additional loads.

3. Safety should be a priority
Older systems can become weak and unreliable over time, which can lead to electrical or fire hazards. This means that they should be assessed, repaired, or replaced if they pose any risks to your residence.

4. New electrical systems must be tailored to your needs
When replacing your electrical system, ensure that it is tailored to your lifestyle while leaving some room to grow should you want to add something new. With a reliable electrical contractor, you will be able to efficiently plan what you need right now while keeping the future in mind.

5. Electrical service upgrades should be budgeted
Another aspect to bear in mind when upgrading your electrical system is your budget. To adequately plan your financial requirements, you need to know the approximate prices of your needs. Generally, the cost of upgrading electrical panels depends on your current service. The scope of work would typically fall under one of the following options:

     a. A straight panel change from 100 to 100A usually runs from about $1500 to $2000.

     b. A service change (panel change and meter base) underground often costs between $1800 to $2500.

     c. A service change (panel and meter base) overhead service usually ranges from $2000 to $3500.

     d. If you are considering a service upgrade from 100 to 200A, these typically cost anywhere between $2500 to $4000.

When preparing your budget, don’t forget to consider fees associated with the utilities, which are usually added to the above prices later. Also, remember that all permits and inspections should be included in the final price.

The price ranges mentioned above are only industry averages. If you want a clear picture of the expenses you will incur, the best course of action is to arrange for a qualified, licensed electrical contractor to assess your existing system and provide an estimate according to your specific circumstances and electrical requirements.

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