Electrical Panel & Service Upgrades

Electrical Panel & Service Upgrades

Residential Electrical Services In Sundridge, Ontario

At Trigon Electrical we offer a full line of Residential Electrical Services, from small troubleshooting issues to complete whole home wiring and installations. Our trained professionals provide services for all types of housing from multi units, town homes, apartments, luxury homes as well as custom homes.

There are many reasons that as a homeowner you will decide to increase the existing service capacities within your home. Most often homeowners upgrade their electrical service in order to add something that will result in an increased electrical load, including items such as:

  • A major home upgrade or renovation
  • Adding extra living space
  • Installation of large electric appliances, such as additional stoves, dryers
  • Installation of a hot tub or spa
  • Adding Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging systems

Whatever the reason, it is essential to safely accommodate for these escalating electrical demands. The first step is to contact a local electrical contractor to discuss why you believe you may need an electrical upgrade and arrange for a home electrical assessment.

Whether you are planning for a:

  • Simple panel change
  • Changing an existing screw-in fuse type electrical panel to replace it with a circuit breaker type panel
  • A service upgrade to 200A or 400A

We recommend you speak with one of our electricians at Trigon Electrical Inc. to discuss your plans and then have your current system assessed. This will include performing a load calculation on your current service, to determine how much service you have available and how much more your home will require. The electrician can then proceed to implement a plan of action to meet your specific requirements.

In general, you should expect the following timeline when planning this work:

  • An electrical permit will need to be taken out prior to the electrical work commencing.
  • Our team at Trigon Electrical Inc. will coordinate the planned work with both the ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) and the local utility company (Hydro). A service layout may be required.
  • To schedule these dates, we will request your Hydro account # and contact information.
  • As a guideline, please note that there can be a minimum 4-6 week waitlist for these scheduled dates. (Emergency service upgrades being the exemption at additional cost)
  • On the date and time that is chosen to perform this work, the hydro utility will disconnect the electrical service to your home.
  • Your electrician will complete the required work followed then by an inspection by an ESA inspector. (It is important to note that there may be specific instances where the electrician or the inspector may spot other issues with the electrical system once the project is underway. These issues may require correction if they are a cause for safety concerns and do not meet code requirements. The inspector may not allow for power reconnection until the issues are fixed. Any such issues are immediately communicated with the homeowner).
  • Once the inspection is complete, a certificate of acceptance from the ESA is received.
  • The ESA will then contact Hydro (assuming the ESA has approved the completed work), and provide them with a Connection Authorization. This will allow hydro to reconnect the electrical service to your home.

Upgrading your electrical service can initially feel overwhelming, which is why it is imperative that you work with an experienced, qualified, licensed and insured electrical contractor. Because there are multiple parties involved in the process and you will be without power during work completion, as a homeowner you will want to ensure that the electrical contractor will communicate and keep all parties on the same page in relation to scheduling.

Whether your electrical service, panel upgrade or replacement needs are commercial or residential, reach out to our team at Trigon Electrical Inc. by giving us a call at (705) 854-2000. We are electrical specialists with years of experience and are fully licensed and insured to carry out electrical work for both residential & commercial projects safely. We do our best make sure you receive the high-quality services and results you can trust and our entire team is committed to implementing the best electrical solutions to fit your individual needs.