Thermal Imaging Reports

Thermal Imaging Reports

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Electrical equipment is unfortunately not designed to last forever.

Fortunately there are ways to help maximize the life expectancy and proficiency of that equipment.

At Trigon Electrical Inc. we encourage Preventative Maintenance of electrical systems for all our clients and one recommended aspect of this is the use of Infrared Thermal evaluations of electrical systems as a non-intrusive method of monitoring and locating areas in need of maintenance.

The primary tool used for such evaluations is a Thermal Imager, a sophisticated device which measures the natural emissions of infrared radiation from a heated object and produces a thermal picture.

How does it work?

Any abnormalities in function within electrical components and connections are located and identified through detection of increased local temperatures.

The temperature of the detected fault is measured, and visual reference images obtained for documentation along with photographs of the piece of equipment in question. By capturing thermal images and any abnormalities, we are able to identify components that might be under stress and more accurately gauge possible failures.

Once adequate information is collected, a detailed assessment report is prepared to provide you with a comprehensive list of all detected electrical issues. The report provides you with recommendations regarding specific equipment, as well as outlines necessary actions in cases of any serious issues that may be found. This report then serves as the guideline for prioritizing further maintenance and repair scheduling.

As all electrical components are prone to wear and tear, it is highly recommended to carry out electrical inspections regularly, to update this initial report and ensure maintenance is being carried out as required so that unnecessary breakdowns do not occur.

What are benefits of Thermal Imaging?

As mentioned at the outset, the use of Infrared Thermal Imagers allows for a non-contact method of measuring temperatures. This can be extremely advantageous especially in factory/ industrial settings which often involve higher voltage systems. While other inspections in a similar setting would require shut down of systems for safety reasons, therefore causing downtime and losses- Thermal imaging must be carried out while systems are running.

Some of the issues detected by Thermal Imaging include:

  • Overheating cables
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Loose connections
  • Conductor issues
  • Load imbalances
  • Stressed components

The ability to investigate electrical systems non evasively to detect faults before they occur can be extremely advantageous for the establishment in several ways:

  • Reduces risk of unplanned electrical outages & equipment failures
  • Reduces downtime
  • Increases safety
  • Saves money
  • Provides more control by knowing what to prioritize and budget forregarding electrical maintenance
  • Provides peace of mind knowing electrical systems are installed andmaintained properly.

Make infrared evaluations a part of your establishments preventative maintenance program by actively monitoring for potential risks before they occur.

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